Hired Gun Works | August 10, 2016

Hey! Just a quick few lines to let you guys know that I am also available for hired gun work, cover or original, live and in studio, around the world. I've been doing this kind of jobs for many years now, but at this point it felt right to also advertise it here on my website. If you feel that you might want to have me play/work for your Band/Project/Gig, feel free to drop me a message to check availability and talk details. Other than that, in a few days I'll be leaving for Greeland to play in a great little venue until the end of this year, and I'm really looking forward to meet some good friends there and play some good music with the great Singer/Keyboard Player/Entertainer, Mr. Ross Riano, a soul mate and a brother from a different mother! :) That's it, just a quick update, have a great one! Cheers!

KD Guitars & Basses , Silvia model, official promo video shoot!!! | April 11, 2016

Hi, friends! Here is a video I did a while ago for a really nice custom guitar and basses company, called KD, this one of their top models and this guy is just enjoying it's great features. I'm testing it over a couple of tracks from my debut album, and of course recorded several sound samples. The audio and video are recorded in Perfect Records Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria. The curious thing is that, this video format and presentation were my original idea and it came out so nicely, that ever after, the company began making their videos the exact same way :) The studio is great, the sound engineer is an amazing professional, this experience was a treat! BTW, Bare Knuckles pickups ROCK! KD Guitars&Basses Silvia Demo by Ivan Manoloff

…and another amp Demo shootout! | March 1, 2016

Last week I stumbled across a great tube amp head, replica of a big time original, and as it sounded great I shot a couple of jam tracks with it! Here it goes: Ivan Amp DEMO  

Session Work Online Available Now! | January 18, 2016

Hey there :) I wanted to kindly let you know that if you would like to me to Record/Arrange guitar tracks for your Song/Album/Project, I am available to do Session Work Online, meaning, that I'll be recording the tracks in my studio and will send them to you in the format that you specify, all done Online. Tracks can be recorded dry, ready for Reamping in you studio of choice, of course I can also send the track reamped through my rig, or both. Sheet Music, Reference MIDI files, Charts or DEMOs are all welcome if that will help me understand better what exactly you are looking for. The recorded tracks are sent by www.wetransfer.com .

The Skype Lessons … | December 20, 2015

Hi, folks! I wanted to let you know that I'm back to my Skype Lessons, powered via broadband connection and through HD Video Capture, all levels welcome, personal programs tailored to every student's personal interests and needs, flexible schedule, limited availability, please get in touch with me by email and I'll try to find you a suitable spot, comfortable payments online by PayPal. For further info, please send message to ivanmanoloff@gmail.com or in Facebook.

Garland Amps, 246 Model Micro Tube Amp Head Demo already on YouTube! | November 10, 2014

Heyyy, a couple of months ago I had a cool experience recording with Garland Amps' new Micro Tube Amp Head! I made a little Demo, which means to show the different sounds you can get out of the 2 versions of this amazing tiny gadget. Don't get fooled by it's size, this midget sounds like a cranked up big amp, and I honestly loved it so much, that I'm actually keeping one of the prototypes, YEAH! :) Garland 246 Amp Demo by Ivan Manoloff on YouTube, clink on the link and check it out!

Performing on UBB Stage for the Apolonia Festival, Sozopol, Bulgaria! | July 15, 2014

Just a quick update, for a gig that I'll be doing, next month, I'll be performing for the whole month of August for the Apolonia Festival on the UBB Stage, right by the pier in the old town, dates posted in the Live Section of the web, Cheers!

Back to Europe and some upcoming hired gun gigs! | April 20, 2014

Yes, I'm back to Europe now, and for this year I'll be joining some quality Top 40 acts for live shows, in the 2nd half of 2014, I'll be performing in the middle of the Baltic Sea for Silja Line/Tallink, on the main stage of the biggest Live Music Ship Venues, in the meanwhile, of course you are welcome to keep checking my Live Section Schedule, I'll post there any gig that I'm doing.

Performing in China from October 2013 until April 2014 !!! | October 1, 2013

Hi there, just a quick update, I will be performing in China for 6 months as a hired gun, this will be my first time in Asia, so I am quite excited about all this new opportunities. I also wanted to let you know that I just got my Custom Ibanez, based on the legendary RG565 model, and rebuilt and modded by KD Basses Bulgaria, top scale guitar and bass custom shop from Europe. Custom Top on body and headstock, Birds Eye Maple Fingerboard, Schaller FR and Custom Wired pickups. Awesome!!! Ibanez RG Custom 1 Ibanez RG Custom 2

News and Live Section Updates September 2013 | September 13, 2013

Hi there! I just updated the Live Section of the web, few more shows added, until the end of this year, I will be performing with Sinfonity, The Bon Scott Band, WhatsBand and the yearly special edition Christmas Rock Show - AC/DC Tribute with Brass Balls Band. Check out my YouTube Channel for new videos, and of course hit me up on Facebook, I post most of the news there. I was quite busy lately, I have my new custom Ibanez Guitar coming, it's a surprise and a great story, will post photos :) In the meanwhile I am accepting students worldwide for my HD Skype Lessons, if interested, contact me by email. I'm offering mixing, editing and recording for your projects as well as I am available for recording guitars, tracks are sent via internet. Stay tuned and if you want to hit me up, please contact me by Facebook or email! Cheers!